Our Services

EMMAFLO (NIG) LTD can provide either on call-off or long term contract for logistics services anywhere in Nigeria. The company provides Comprehensive Land Logistics Management Support Services to Clients. Emmaflo is able to work in phases of project development and participate as Managing Contractor or Sub-contractor as the case may be. Fleet management capabilities and discipline have been developed from the experiences of many years servicing clients. Scheduled and unscheduled pick-ups of goods and persons are always within time and cost effective.

Our driving personnel are well trained and mannered. Every journey with us is a pleasure. EMMAFLO has expanded her logistic services to include haulage of goods across the country: to help manufacturer and importers achieve supply chain efficiency. Our haulage service is built on safe and efficient deliveries which has helped our clients in achieving supply chain efficiency.


Emmaflo has identified two headings under which to discuss the scope of our operations viz Clients Requirements and Emmaflo Nigeria responsibilities.


Client's requirements can be summarized as follows:

  • Supply of Bus, Cars, Jeeps and Truck.
  • Operations, Fuelling and Maintenance of efficient logistics service to convey clients goods, employees and/or dependants to/fro designated locations.
  • Provision of Qualified Manpower Support Services.
  • Provision of Logistics Support Services.

We agree with client requirements as stated above and can come up with a proposal that will fully address those requirements and much more. However, the following assertions can be made:

  • That investing in-house operated logistics operations will not provide investment protection in the near future.
  • That clients need not be bogged down with administrative cost of logistics services.
  • That the client needs to leverage on her existing fleet and as such modernize and upgrade the fleet to meet her staff welfare for optimal performance.


We will procure vehicle for approved clients work scope with all necesary registration details and comprehensive insurance.
We will fuel and maintain vehicles cost efficiently and efficiently.
We will provide qualified, competent,

honest and experienced personnel in required numbers to carry-out driving services and other related activities.

As the case may be, we can provide the following logistics support services:

In the near future, we hope to include the following necessary logistics and support services:

  • Primary / Secondary vehicle Inspections
  • Pre-mobilization of vehicle
  • Two- Way Radio
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Vulcanizing Services
  • Fuelling Services
  • Vehicle documentation Services
  • Vehicle Recorvery Services


  • Outsourcing gives the opportunity to concentrate on your core competence.
  • The proposal gives the transfer of risks or loss/damage to assets.
  • Releases the burden of capital tied down in the ownership of vehicle.
  • Efficiency in the utilization of assets.
  • Convenient replacement in the case of a breakdown.
  • Total elimination of down-time.